School Trips

There is a great deal which can be done in Norwich in terms of school and children activities and there is a good fusion of natural history and adventure.

You can visit the Socatots who run national sessions which include crawling, first aiders and also many games such as football, hoops and also skittles. They cater for children form eighteen months right up to five years.

Norfolk Castle is always a good venue for children and there is a great deal of interaction which can be carried out as well. This includes giant models, suites and armour and also various weaponry as well.

The BBC Norwich tour is ideal for any TV enthusiast and this is an excellent opportunity to check out the way TV Programmes are recorded on a daily basis as well as a peep into the dressing rooms and editing studio.

At Norwich Minibus and Coach Hire we can provide safe transport for all children school visits and all of our vehicles are equipped with child safety and disability friendly features. School children must be supervised by adults at all times.

Other venues worth mentioning include the Norwich Puppet Theatre, Inspire Discovery Centre, Planet Ice Norwich and also Funky Monkeys.