Royal Ascot

For racing the main venue in Norwich is the Yarmouth Stadium which hosts many greyhound racing events. It is supposed to be a good family event with many offers for children which include free entry and meal offers.

Norwich Minibus and Coach Hire can transport you to all race venues with ease and comfort, and at competitive rates. We always promote safety for all race events and any one requiring further information in relation to safe travel advice can ring us direct on out telephone number.

It is very close to the main motorway links and admission is only five pounds per person as well as regular races on Mondays, Wednesdays and also Saturdays. There is a car park facility for well over one thousand cars and it can hold up to a staggering six thousand people in total. Some of the main events include The Pepsi Cola Sprint, The East Anglican Greyhound Derby and also the East Anglican Challenge.

It can also be noted that speedway racing used to be extremely popular in the area and the local team was called Norwich Stars. They were in the Division Two and various other venues also hosted events throughout the city. However this soon came to a halt and the sport was no more.