Norwich Coach Company

Our two main services come under the headings of Norwich Minibus Hire and also Norwich Coach Company Hire. Both services are separate but offered simultaneously. The Coach Hire service is normally available for groups in the region of 16+ people and the Minibus Hire is available for groups in the region of 8 to 14 people.

It must be stated that the most suited service will depend on the specified needs and various examples can be given in relation to this. A good example is where a person has a great deal of luggage. It is evident that groups of people whoa re going to the airport will have a great deal of luggage and also where someone is attended an internal event for a long period of time. This could also be for cricket, football and other professional events as well. The best source of transport here could be a minibus due to its price and also due to vast space inside.

Alternatively a coach may be suited simply because the journey is long distance. This is because a coach can offer more facilities than a minibus e.g. indoor toilet, DVD players, fridges and many other extras. Such services may also offer you overnight availability.

Our customer service team will try their best to help you make the right decision and this will be done by providing you as much information as possible. Ultimately the decision is yours but we will help make sure that it is an educated one.